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Glow Square Bar Leaner / Cocktail Table


Glow furniture is a great way to create either an elegant effect or a disco effect by changing the features on the furniture. Choose from selecting a single colour, strobe through colours, fade through colours or choose a smooth transition through colours.

Rated to last approx 4 hours and come with charging cables

These cocktail tables are vibrant and are great for speeches at weddings etc.

Perfect for:

  • Speeches
  • Ambient lighting
  • House parties
  • Outdoor events
  • Weddings
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These Glow Square Bar Leaners / Cocktail Tables are a fun and creative way of having bar tables and lighting all in one at your next event. Set to a single colour or transition through colours. Battery operated and last approx 4 hours.

No need to worry about power they are battery powered and come with charging cables giving approx 4 hours of use

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