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LINEARRAY1 Wharfedale Complete 4600w RMS Line…


Wharfedale LINEARRAY1 Complete 4600w RMS Line Array System: 8 x WLA28, 2 x WLA15B, 1 x CPD3600, 2 x CPD2600, 2 x WLA28FF, 1 x VERSADRIVE + more

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Wharfedale Complete 4600w RMS Line Array System: 8 x WLA28, 2 x WLA15B, 1 x CPD3600, 2 x CPD2600, 2 x WLA28FF, 1 x VERSADRIVE + more

Comprising of 10 loud speaker boxes, this Wharfedale Pro Line Array system will comfortably handle crowds of up to 5,000 people. The system includes 2 x WLA15B sub boxes, 8 x WLA28 mid/high cabinets and is driven by 3 CPD series amplifiers utilising a VERSADRIVE signal processor to bring the best possible sound out of the system.

The LINEARRAY1 can be either ground stacked or flown from suitable stands or trussing systems. Included in this package is the fly mounting kit to do so.

This system delivers 4,600w RMS of audio which is a massive 18,400 is peak program power. Each box is built rugged and easily connects to the next box with multiple angling options for directing the sound where it needs to be. For example – in a ground stack system, the speakers can be set to all point outward to the same direction while in a hanging system, the speakers can be angled to reach every part of the crowd. Setting the system up is as easy as a child putting together building blocks!

The CPD amplifiers are designed specifically for the Line Array system and both touring and installation purposes. The Versadrive signal processor features factory presets for the Line Array system, together with a multitude of other options including cross over settings, equalisation, compression and more allowing the user to tune the system perfectly for the venue right down to the single speaker if need be. The Versadrive and therefore the Line Array system can be controlled via a PC either on site or remotely. Password protection ensures no messing around by people who have no idea what they are doing!

With a total weight of just over 300kg, and combined size of just over a cubic metre, the system is easily transported from venue to venue in a small van or truck, even a ute (weather permitting!).

All of this at a realistic price point. Wharfedale Pro, with the introduction of the WLA28 Line Array system finally puts high quality concert sound audio within reach of more people, more venues, and more budgets.

The system is also easily added to for bigger jobs, and bigger productions.


Package consists of:-

8 x WLA28
2 x WLA15B
1 x CPD3600
2 x CPD2600
2 x WLA28FF
6 x MSMSSL10


– 8 x WLA28 mid/high boxes 400w RMS each at 16 ohms
– 2 x WLA15B subs 700w RMS each
– 2 x CPD2600 amp
– 1 x CPD3600 amp
– 1 x WLA28FF Fly kit.
– 6 x 1m XLR signal cables to link amps to each other and processor
– 6 x 10m Speakon cables to link speakers from amps
– 4 x 1m Speakon cables to link mid-high speakers together (as the mid/high speakers are ran as 2 per side from each CPD2600).
Shipping Volume: 1.191cbm
Shipping Weight: 399.52kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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Weight 439.472 kg
Dimensions 1190.55252 × 1000 × 1000 cm