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Nitroball Spherical Rotating Effect Light


NITROBALL Spherical rotating effect light, 5 x 8W RGBW LED

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Additional information

The NITROBALL is like a modern day mirror ball that recreates the iconic effect with smart new features like colour changing, strobing and adjustable rotation speed.

This makes for a stunning tabletop effect or you can hang from truss or a lighting stand to create a swirling mass of multi-coloured, razor sharp beams.

Fantastic for theming, house parties or use as a centerpiece.

There’s a swag of control options including sound active, master/slave and DMX, or operate via the LCD control panel.

With 5 x 8Watt super bright LEDs, beams will hit every corner of a venue and when used in multiples creates a magical, enchanting effect.

Mounted on a sturdy base with carry handles and dedicated hanging points, the NITROBALL will bring any gathering to life with its elegant, colourful display.


Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 38 × 45 × 38 cm