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The Lights To Party Story

We often get asked by clients, how did Lights To Party start? How long has Lights To Party been in business? Well here is our story..

I think it must be fairly obvious that we love to party and thats where it all started. We are a husband and wife team (Neil and Vicky). When we set up a party there is no limit. It all started on one of Vicky’s birthday parties, we had been getting the party room (garage) ready for a few weeks. Setting up glow in the dark cobwebs for our party cave, spray painting black plastic walls with uv reactive paint etc.

We were testing the lasers and had filled the garage with the smoke machine and we decided to open the garage door and let the smoke out.

As we did this a group of teenage boys walking past the garage at that time stopped reversed back up the hill and said to us, that looks amazing do you guys hire those lights out? Neil and Vicky looked at each other and with a knowing look said yes we do (we didn’t) and hence the business was born.

Our love for seeing others have a great night and our social personalities make our business unique. We are not a big franchise with faceless business operators we are a family owned and run business. We take pride in educating our clients so that they receive the right equipment for the job, we don’t let you order something just to make a sale, in fact if we know it wont benefit you we will tell you and guide you in the right direction.

The business started about 7 years ago now and we continue to grow thanks to our valued and loyal clients.

Lights To Party
Lights To Party