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uv lighting for events

How to pick the right lighting for your black light party

UV Tubes, Panels or Uplights? If you are planning a black light or fluro party then you are going to need to hire some black lights but which choice is the right solution for your event? These days there are multiple options ranging from the traditional black light tubes, UV LED panels, indoor and outdoor...
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glow numbers

How to work with a colour theme for your event

How to use unique lighting to follow a “colour” theme Picking a single colour for a party or event is quite a common way of theming an event – usually to fall in line with brand guidelines however often clients have no idea where to start when thinking about lighting ideas. The obvious choice.. Of...
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Wedding Lighting - The Seargents Mess

Using lighting to create elegance and ambience, not ‘disco’

What are the best options for ambient lighting? Quite often customers come to us when they are planning a corporate event, wedding or an upscale event where the brief is not to create a dance floor or disco theme but rather to use lighting to create ambience; so what are the lighting options? Effect Lighting...
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school disco lighting

Picking the perfect lighting for your school disco

Its school disco time..let us help you plan the perfect party! If you are looking to plan a school disco with the wow factor we have some ideas below to help you create a disco that will get everyone up and dancing Picking a theme The first step is to pick a theme for the...
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Laser Show - Mona Vale Hotel

What you need to know about planning a laser party

Bring the nightclub home! Lasers are a great way of planning a party that feels like a nightclub at home and can suit a wide array of budgets. In this post we will talk you through the best option for all budgets and event sizes. Picking the best colour for your event. We have lasers...
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oil light

Mixing old technology with new technology to create an event to be remembered!

Using the old with the new We are often talking about using new technology to theme an event however in this post we will show you how to partner old technology with new to really create an amazing atmosphere. Firstly the old.. Vintage Oil Lights Use our rare vintage oil lights for an array of...
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uv parties

How to plan a great 80s themed party

Using new technology to create an awesome 80’s event 80’s themed events are probably one of the most popular events we do but often people have no idea where to start with lighting so here are some ideas to help you create a standout event! Glow Furniture Tetris! Using glow furniture to create a tetris...
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Mirror ball Props

What you need to know about mirror balls!

What you need to know about installing Mirror Balls for your next event Lets face it everyones a fan of the old mirror ball. They can really transform a space and they also can create a funky disco vibe or an elegant theme. However the installation of a mirror ball – especially at a venue...
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full colour indoor led wash light

Go battery operated for an upscale wedding or event

Forget the cables! If you are planning an upscale, elegant  wedding or event the last thing you want is cables running power to your lights ruining the elegant venue. At Lights To Party we have had a series of custom up light/parr lights built that are completely battery operated meaning no ugly cables and when...
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