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What are your trading hours?

We are a mobile party hire service and not a store with normal working hours , you can call us however 7 days a week on 0430 001 613. Due to the fact we are predominantly a mobile service and frequently out on the road we suggest the best way to make an enquiry or book an appointment is to fill out our Quick Quote form or our Make a Booking form. This means we will have all your details on hand for future communications and to book in your event etc.

Do you deliver the goods or do I need to pick them up?

We deliver all goods for a delivery fee from $50 dependent on to and from locations. If you prefer to pick up and drop back the lights yourself to save on the delivery costs, this must be one between 9am – 10am for pick up on the day of your event and drop back is generally discuss on a case by case basis dependent on your event, bump out times etc. This arrangement is made between the client and Lights To Party.

* Please note – (penalty rates are charged in relation to delivery, set up and pick up if it is outside of normal working hours – ie. 9am-4pm), or if a specific delivery and pick up time is required.

Also costs that can effect the price are things like paid parking if no loading bay or off street parking, tolls, difficult access (multiple flights of stairs) etc.

For locations outside of a 2 hr driving range there may be charges for accomodation, air flights, meal allowance and transport cost and freight insurance if needed. However this would need to be negotiated directly with Lights to party.

What happens if I deliver the lights back after the time that was agreed on and I have not had any communication with Lights to Party about this?

Lights to party will charge an additional days hire on all equipment. For more information please read our terms and conditions. To avoid this simply call us to make arrangements regarding a delayed drop back and we will do our best to accommodate you and avoid additional charges.

Can I pick up the lights the day before the event or is it only on the day?

Generally yes, dependent on stock availability for the date of your event. We do not charge additional costs in most cases as long as it is for a 1 day event. However, if the event is a multi day event or a long term hire is required we will generally offer discounts in these situations.

Can I visit your store location to see the lights in person?

Generally no as we are predominantly a mobile service and not a store but we have provided videos on the website for almost all items which enable you to view the lights before you hire them. In the event you are requiring to see the lights in person prior to your event, this can be arranged by appointment on a case by case arrangement.

Can I get a discount?

We do not discount on the first hire, but if you have previously hired, are a regular hirer, hire equipment for a period of time exceeding 24 hours in one hire or work in the industry we are more than happy to discuss discounted rates

Do you do Charity events for free?

We generally don’t run free events however we do offer significant discounts for charity events – this is based on a case by case basis, please contact us directly to chat about your organisation. We have done charity events in the past such as breast cancer and fundraising for street kids etc.

What do I need to be able the hire from lights to party

You will need photo ID, such as a drivers licence.

Payment must be made prior to event or on delivery. Payment can be made either via credit card or bank transfer or COD. If payment is made via bank transfer payment must be made within 5 days of the event and a copy of the payment receipt must be emailed to

For orders over $400 or for large quantity or long term hire orders a 50% deposit will be requested up front to secure the booking and the balance is to be paid 5 days prior to the event. The deposit is non refundable.

What payment methods do you take?

We accept EFT, PayPal, master card, visa card and amex via invoice only or cash, visa and master card on the day of your event.

What happens if I have not prepaid for goods and dont have payment when I get the goods?

We only offer accounts to regular partners and hirer’s who hire on a regular basis, however payment must be made within 5 working days of the event. If it is a one off hire, in the event payment has not been organised prior or paid on the day of the event, we cannot release the equipment for the event.

What happens if I break a hired product?

Please click here to refer to our terms and conditions.

What are Lights to party electronic banking banking details?

Account Name: Lights to party
BSB 112 879
AC 465 857 784

Do I need a smoke machine for the lights to work?

In order to see the beams of the lasers and beams on some effect lighting, a smoke machine is required. There are lights however that can be hired which do not require smoke but still look better when smoke is added. Contact us on 0430 001 613 to find out if the lights you are interested in require a smoke machine.

Will a smoke machine set off fire alarms?

There is a possibility that where there are alarms a smoke machine will set them off. See below for further information.

If it is a battery operated alarm you can simply remove the batteries and you will not have a problem.

If it is a hard wired alarm that goes back to base we recommend isolating the alarm on the fire panel – to be done by a professional, and contacting the fire alarm monitoring company requesting that the alarm be turned off during the event.

Please be aware this is important as currently a false call out by the fire department incur a fee to the hirer of approximately $1600.00

Having said that, Lights to Party takes no responsibility for any fines or fees incurred as a result of any alarms being set off by smoke machines.

Why use a phazer instead of a manual smoke machine? What is the difference?

The difference between a phazer and a smoke machine is a smoke machine emits 100% smoke output when the button is pressed and is not automatic, it is completely manually operated.

A phaser is an automated version of a manual smoke machine. The difference is the phaser has a timer function which will always emit 8 seconds of smoke however you can control the interval (the break between the smoke – anything from 8 seconds to 1 hour) this eliminates the need to keep pressing the button every time smoke is required at your event. It also has the ability to provide continuous smoke perfect for large venues where you may be battling air conditoniing or outdoor events where you have elements such as wind against you.

A phaser also has a manual override/continuous flow function which means if the timer is not adequate or the elements are extreme you have the ability to override the program and manually force the smoke to come out.

It should be noted however, when using the continuous mode and not using the automatic timer function, you will go through smoke fluid at a significantly increased rate.

A phaser is probably best utilised when your event has a DJ or band. Often the DJ or band will say that they will control the manual smoke machine during the night however they are busy controlling the music and it it can become difficult for them to remember to do so, this is when you will benefit from the automated phaser so the smoke is automatically set for the event and space. You don’t want to pay for lasers or lights that require a smoke machine only two have someone to forget to press the button on a manual machine – this is when its worth the small investment of upgrading to a phaser!

The difference in price between a manual smoke machine ($30.00) and a phaser ($65.00) is mainly the cost of the extra fluid required for the phaser which is included in the cost of the hire.

A manual smoke machine holds 0.8 litres of fluid which is rarely ever used entirely in a event and costs approximately $15.00 to purchase the fluid separately, whilst the phaser holds 2.5 litres of fluid and costs approximately $30.00 to purchase the fluid separately and consumes fluid at a rapidly increased rate compared to the manual smoke machine.

What is in the smoke fluid?

All smoke fluid Lights To Party uses is a non toxic water based fluid and MSDS can be provided upon request. We do not use any oil based fluids that are used in Hazers.

Do I have to use a lighting stand?

We do ask that you use a lighting stand when hiring lights. The reason for this is that it is a safe way of securing the equipment whilst it is in your care, as you are responsibile for the safety of the equipment.

A small investment for peace of mind. The lighting stand also gives you height and the ability to angle your lights in any direction you wish, maximising the effect. Having said this you can opt not to have a stand if you feel the equipment does not require it and will be safe in your care.

Where are you located?

We are located at Brookvale on the Northern Beaches however we are a mobile service and we can deliver the lights to you.

Do you offer site visits?

Generally this is not needed as most planning can be done via phone or email and sharing of floor plans and photos of the space etc. give us a good idea of what is required. However if you feel a site visit is required we are more than happy to accommodate this, this will incur a site visit fee – which is dependent on the location and amount of travel required, time on site etc. This fee is not refundable in the case the event does not proceed with Lights To Party. In the event you do proceed, we refund 50% of the fee off your total hire cost. However we have been organising events for over 10 years and have much experience in what is required, so a site visit is rarely required and means you save on an expense you done need to pay

Do strobes effect people with epilepsy?

According to a report by Saul Mullen, Austin Health, Melbourne Victoria posted in the Epilepsy Report October 2008 the strobe lights used in night clubs occasionally precipitate seizures but they are usually relatively slow (<5Hz). It is also often difficult to separate the risks posed by alcohol and sleep deprivation from that of the strobe light.