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What you need to know about mirror balls!

Mirror ball Props

What you need to know about installing Mirror Balls for your next event

Lets face it everyones a fan of the old mirror ball. They can really transform a space and they also can create a funky disco vibe or an elegant theme. However the installation of a mirror ball – especially at a venue can be a bit tricky so here is a checklist of things to consider before you commit to promising your client or loved one a fabulous mirror ball install.

  • Firstly at most venues they are not going to want you drilling into their ceiling to hang the mirror ball nor would you want to this at home! This means we normally set up mirror balls on a truss stand. This is 2 lighting stands with a beam in between that the mirror ball hangs from. Why is this important? Well this means you can’t have a big stand in the middle of a room so it would generally go against a wall, you will still get the whole 360 degree effect but it means looking at your floor plan to see how this could work.
  • Secondly you need to consider height, mirror balls are actually quite big and hang low so you need to make sure your space or venue has enough height to warrant hanging the mirror ball
  • Make sure you get a mirror ball motor! Whomever you go with to hire your mirror ball from, make sure they include the motor! This may sound obvious but if you get the mirror ball without the motor you basically just have a prop without the lighting effect.

    Mirror Ball Lighting Package
    Mirror Ball Lighting Package

What if you dont have the height or the right space for a mirror ball? There are alternate options!

Don’t fear if after reading the above you realise maybe a mirror ball isn’t the perfect fit for your party even though you have your heart set on it, you can use the modern day LED Crystall Ball, which puts out many colourful dots all around the room for a real disco vibe at just $40 each, a couple of these in the room will really give your party the wow factor.

Still missing the mirror ball, add them as props. They still look cool and when used with other alternate lighting for ambience around the room you will still get the desired effect.

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