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Go battery operated for an upscale wedding or event

full colour indoor led wash light

Forget the cables!

If you are planning an upscale, elegant  wedding or event the last thing you want is cables running power to your lights ruining the elegant venue. At Lights To Party we have had a series of custom up light/parr lights built that are completely battery operated meaning no ugly cables and when set to a single colour can last up to 8 hours! Historically these lights are only made to last for 4 hours but who has an event or wedding that only lasts 4 hours?

Our elegant uplights will create a beautiful ambience at your event and will last the night. You can start the night with them set to a single colour for soft ambient light and atmosphere and as the night evolves and its time to dance we can teach you how to easily change the settings so you can then change the lights to gently transition from colour to colour for a more interactive experience.

full colour outdoor led wash light
full colour outdoor led wash light

Being LED there are literally over 3million different ways to program your colour for you, so whatever your theme or colour we can customise the light just for you.

In a range of indoor and outdoor IP Rated (waterproof) options, get in touch today about hiring some lights for your next event that will last the night and keep your event upscale.



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