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Mixing old technology with new technology to create an event to be remembered!

oil light

Using the old with the new

We are often talking about using new technology to theme an event however in this post we will show you how to partner old technology with new to really create an amazing atmosphere.

Firstly the old..

Vintage Oil Lights

Use our rare vintage oil lights for an array of different themes. Whether its a 60s or 70s theme, or if you are planning a party with a particular colour theme these lights will really add that wow factor. We have oil lights in red – great for halloween or a spooky themed party as it looks like blood or plasma moving across the walls; light and dark blue – can add a creative flair to an under the sea or intergalactic theme; and red orange and green and multi coloured oil lights great for those 60s or 70s themed parties.

Use these oil lights to project onto a wall or ceiling.

Kaleidoscope for the hippies

If you are theming a 60s party you can’t go past the kaleidoscope light. Perfect for a ceiling or a wall.

Partnering it all with new technology

You have the walls and ceiling covered with the old technology now time to light up that dance floor using LED technology. Use the modern day moonflower LED dance floor light to get every one dancing all night long. if its an 80s theme go with the revo 4 dance floor light, which runs for 22 minutes before repeating a pattern! Add some battery powered up lights around the room and your event is complete!

Need more advice?

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