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How to use unique lighting to follow a “colour” theme

Picking a single colour for a party or event is quite a common way of theming an event – usually to fall in line with brand guidelines however often clients have no idea where to start when thinking about lighting ideas.

The obvious choice..

Of course the first thing we would suggest is uplighting around the venue space. Working out how many you need to some degree will of course be dependent on budget. However, as a general rule we would suggest one in each corner of the room and then a couple along each side of the room. If the building has pillars we would light each pillar with our indoor battery operated up lights.

Aside from up lighting the room itself it can also be a really great effect to up light cake or food tables or tables where you may have a guest book and decorations.

Theme it from the entrance

If you are planning your event in a venue space or even at home if you really want your event to have the wow factor from the minute people arrive we would suggest using our outdoor waterproof battery operated up lights to light up any large tress or entrance walkways.

IP Rated Up Lights
IP Rated Up Lights

Unique lighting options

OK so we have covered off the obvious now lets get to talking about other options to follow in with a colour theme that are unique or not what people would expect. Why not use our water effect light set to the colour of your theme as a feature on the ceiling or a feature wall.

Unique props

For something really different you could place a couple of our LED Flame lights by the doorway or various areas of the event. This can be set to a particular colour to match in with your colour theme

Flame Lights - Call Of Duty Product Launch
Flame Lights – Call Of Duty Product Launch

Finish it off with a glow and tie it all together

As you can see in the below image we partnered together our indoor up lights with our glow cubes all set to Red to follow in with the red colour theme at this event. We have a wide array of glow furniture including numbers that could give you the finishing touch for your event!

red colour theme lights
red colour theme lights

Need more advice?

At Lights To Party we have been setting up and consulting on parties and events since 2009, we know what works and we use our creative flair to ensure we can plan a party for you that is sure to impress.

Get in contact with us for free advice and let us help you plan your party and provide professional advice on what will work for your party or event and take the stress away!

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