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Which party lights will be perfect for your event?

70s Disco Lighting

Planning the perfect party is not easy but once you pull it off its the greatest feeling in the world being around your friends, colleagues or loved ones and seeing everyone‘s faces light up.

So how do you know which party lights are right for your event?

To answer this question there are a few considerations:

Is your party inside or outside? This is important because not all lighting can be used outdoors and it will change the options available to you (unless you have a marquee or some sort of cover). For example if the party is inside you can pretty much hire any disco light or laser light and depending on the size of the area will determine which lights will suit. However if your event is outside you will be a little more limited to lights that are waterproof such as outdoor LED par lights/ up lights or glow furniture.

What is the theme of the event? Next you need to think about the theme of your event, is it an upscale cocktail party, do you want a nightclub at home theme, or perhaps its a very specific theme like a winter wonderland, 70s disco or an underwater theme. Again the answer to these questions will depend on the lights that will suit.

Can you have a smoke machine at your event? Smoke machines can really add a great effect to your party lights but not every event suits or can use smoke machines. To hire a laser you need a smoke machine to see the beautiful tunnels of colour and with disco lights you don’t need a smoke machine but when you add one you get great tunnels of light coming off the light.

Depending on where your event is will determine if you can use a smoke machine. If your party is at home you may have smoke alarms which can be disengaged, if its at a community hall, club or venue they will probably have smoke alarms and not allow you to use a smoke machine so again this will determine which lights you can use for your event.

Let us guide you. At Lights To Party we have been setting up and consulting on parties and events since 2009, we know what works and we use our creative flair to ensure we can plan a party for you that is sure to impress. Get in contact with us for free advice and let us help you plan your party and provide professional advice on what will work for your party or event and take the stress away! Reach out on 0433 501 613 or fill out our online form to get a quote and advice on making your event one that will have everyone talking!

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